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  • What Millennials Want in a Church

    I am a proud father of three millenials, that age group that is right around thirty years of age. They are leading in life and they have definite thoughts about the church. I found this article to reflect much of what I've heard not just from my three but from their friends. It is from The Aspen Group and titled: Millenials want a Bigger God not a Hipper Pastor. sIt's worth the read 



  • Serving Requires Faith

    While we are serving in a soccer trip sponsored by Project Partner and Indian Creek another group from Indian Creek is going to the same country to teach English as a second language. See

    Here is an article written by Kristen Levitt about a mother and daughter who are traveling for the ESL. 

    Summer is always an exciting time of year for Project Partner. It’s especially exciting for those who commit to serving on the annual Soccer and English Teams.To go on a summer service trip, team members step out in faith and ask for support. This year Lauren, English Teaching team member, did just that.

    “In the past I've wanted to travel the world and I've had several opportunities, but yet nothing worked out. Last summer, my mother Shaina, joined the ESL trip. It was incredible to see how God impacted her heart through the people she served.

    After a lot of praying and thinking, I made the courageous decision to join the ESL team for the 2014 trip.
    I began raising funds and at first was very discouraged. Progress was slow. But my mom continued to encourage me. God blessed me with a peace that everything would come together; I just didn’t know how.

    With our departure less than a month away, I lacked $1,000 for trip fee. I continued to pray, stay committed and trust God. When I became overwhelmed, I leaned on Philippians 4:13: ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’

    In less than a week, God used several individuals to provide the remaining balance!

    Through this I’ve seen that when you give it all to God, He will provide. It’s been a humbling experience. My faith’s been tested and I haven’t even left the country yet.

    I am so thankful and excited to be going on this trip with our team! I feel very blessed that God is giving me the opportunity to be his hands and feet.”

    Thank you so much to those who support team members like Lauren. Through God, you’re providing team members an opportunity to build their faith and eternally impact the students they serve.

  • What Will the "Move of God" Look Like?

    When I talk about praying for a move of God the natural question I get is, what will it look like? Another way to talk about this move is to say, this is the move for which we pray.

    We are believing God for:

    · Marriages to live in a first love experience with each other and God
    · Healing both spiritual and physical to flow
    · The breath of God’s Spirit to blow away oppression and depression
    · Power to break addictions and for God’s people to live in victory
    · Homes to be healthy and purposeful where dslove between parents and children
    · Thousands to join the kingdom of heaven
    · The move to spread to our cities, Olathe, Gardner and KC

    We want everyone to feel the presence and power of God flowing through these prayer times. I believe if people really experienced God in prayer they would so value the time that they would want more and more. I want everyone to experience the intimacy and vitality of meeting with God.

    I pray that these groups of 2-4 would spawn other groups that meet at different times. Presently we have groups that meet every day of the week and there are three others that meet at different times. My big, harry, audacious prayer is for every Creeker to participate in prayer for the kingdom of heaven weekly. Imagine if we had 1,000+ hours of kingdom prayer by Creekers weekly! The world as we know it would change. This is the move for which we pray!

    What part will you pray?

  • A Move of God

    In March on kind of a typical day, while having my devotional time, I had a thought that I believe came from God and it was this, "I'm about to move and you could miss it." I sat straight up. I expect to hear from God during my quiet time but many times the messages I hear come from my Bible reading time or are more like promptings. This had the ring of truth from the voice of the Holy Spirit. I did not want to miss out on a move of God!

    Immediately I responded, what do I do? If God is going to move I don't want to miss it. Just as quickly I heard back meet me at six each morning for prayer. That was it, nothing else at the moment. That was March 22nd. I had the strong sense that God meant be at the Prayer Room at Indian Creek, Olathe campus.

    The next day I was there. I sat down to pray with great expectation and God didn't disappoint. I felt led to read Isaiah 55. I wasn't familiar with the text when I received the prompting so I looked it up. It is titled, An Invitation. I read through it with the real sense that this was an invitation from God to move with Him in what He wants to do not just at Indian Creek but in our city and perhaps beyond.

    As I prayed about my part I felt led to commit to a year of prayer at 6 a.m. praying for a move of God. I'll be in the Prayer Room at Indian Creek except when I'm out of town. If I am out of town I will pray at 6 a.m. wherever I am. 

    I felt led to invite others to pray believing that God wants us to become "A house of prayer for all nations". I'm hoping to start a prayer group at 6 a.m. every day of the week. But even beyond that I'm hoping that followers of Jesus would combine with other believers and pray for this move of God wherever they are. What if every Creeker prayed one hour a week for Isaiah 55 to be fulfilled at Indian Creek each week? 

    Will you take God up on His invitation?

  • The Typhoon

    Kristen Levitt (my daughter) and I are in Hong Kong awaiting the arrival of the rest of our soccer team. There are seven of us from Indian Creek participating. We will lead a clinic in an Asian country that will remain unnamed online. There is a severe typhoon nearby so we have some time to shop in the underground shops and catch up some work.

    We look forward to what God will do. There are approximately 70 signed up to participate in what becomes a combination of cultural exchange and soccer clinic. There are spiritual aspects that I can tell you about in person. Let's just say that this is one of the best ways to share life on this side of the world. 

    Keep us in your prayers. The temps are high 80s to 100 and the humidity is 95%. We will be on the pitch for 5 hours a day for 5 days. Last year it tested us physically and I expect more of the same. In the evenings we get to share our lives and the reason we live with the students. We stay in a dorm together that is the home base for one of the national teams. Our team provides team building exercises and soccer vocabulary that begins with, we call it "soccer" and you call it "football". 

    I'll share more as the camp unfolds.  You can learn more about Project Partner by clicking on the link.


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