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  • A Farmer's story of provision

    Belinda and I support the work of Project Partner both by going and participating in the efforts on mainland China and through mobilizing and resourcing from the U.S. Here is a story of a life that's been changed.






  • Mary Did You Know?I

    The Worship Arts team introduced me to Pentatonix and I'm addicted. This is a great way to start the Christmas season. 


  • A life of Greatness, a life of Service

    You'll want to watch this three minute video of an ex-NFL star who left it all to find true meaning in life. 


  • Fighting Racism

    We've all been troubled by what happened in Ferguson, MO, but are we troubled by what happens all around us even in the burbs? Recently a friend of mine sent this article to me and asked me to read it and think about the truth it contains. The author is a white male who married a black wife. Let's be aware and do what we can because racism lives right underneath our collective noses. The article is titled: Things I can do my black son can't

  • What Millennials Want in a Church

    I am a proud father of three millenials, that age group that is right around thirty years of age. They are leading in life and they have definite thoughts about the church. I found this article to reflect much of what I've heard not just from my three but from their friends. It is from The Aspen Group and titled: Millenials want a Bigger God not a Hipper Pastor. sIt's worth the read 



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