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  • Mary Did You Know?I

    The Worship Arts team introduced me to Pentatonix and I'm addicted. This is a great way to start the Christmas season. 


  • A life of Greatness, a life of Service

    You'll want to watch this three minute video of an ex-NFL star who left it all to find true meaning in life. 


  • Fighting Racism

    We've all been troubled by what happened in Ferguson, MO, but are we troubled by what happens all around us even in the burbs? Recently a friend of mine sent this article to me and asked me to read it and think about the truth it contains. The author is a white male who married a black wife. Let's be aware and do what we can because racism lives right underneath our collective noses. The article is titled: Things I can do my black son can't

  • What Millennials Want in a Church

    I am a proud father of three millenials, that age group that is right around thirty years of age. They are leading in life and they have definite thoughts about the church. I found this article to reflect much of what I've heard not just from my three but from their friends. It is from The Aspen Group and titled: Millenials want a Bigger God not a Hipper Pastor. sIt's worth the read 



  • Serving Requires Faith

    While we are serving in a soccer trip sponsored by Project Partner and Indian Creek another group from Indian Creek is going to the same country to teach English as a second language. See

    Here is an article written by Kristen Levitt about a mother and daughter who are traveling for the ESL. 

    Summer is always an exciting time of year for Project Partner. It’s especially exciting for those who commit to serving on the annual Soccer and English Teams.To go on a summer service trip, team members step out in faith and ask for support. This year Lauren, English Teaching team member, did just that.

    “In the past I've wanted to travel the world and I've had several opportunities, but yet nothing worked out. Last summer, my mother Shaina, joined the ESL trip. It was incredible to see how God impacted her heart through the people she served.

    After a lot of praying and thinking, I made the courageous decision to join the ESL team for the 2014 trip.
    I began raising funds and at first was very discouraged. Progress was slow. But my mom continued to encourage me. God blessed me with a peace that everything would come together; I just didn’t know how.

    With our departure less than a month away, I lacked $1,000 for trip fee. I continued to pray, stay committed and trust God. When I became overwhelmed, I leaned on Philippians 4:13: ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’

    In less than a week, God used several individuals to provide the remaining balance!

    Through this I’ve seen that when you give it all to God, He will provide. It’s been a humbling experience. My faith’s been tested and I haven’t even left the country yet.

    I am so thankful and excited to be going on this trip with our team! I feel very blessed that God is giving me the opportunity to be his hands and feet.”

    Thank you so much to those who support team members like Lauren. Through God, you’re providing team members an opportunity to build their faith and eternally impact the students they serve.

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