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  • Global Live Out Fun Facts

    I shared these at Indian Creek today, they are fun facts about our global live out:

    Did you know that Indian Creek lives out globally in four countries around the world? S. Africa, China, Peru and India.  We’ve specifically chosen to concentrate on unreached people groups.

    Did you know that we set a goal of sending 75 persons on global mission this year and every year for the next five years?

    We are at 25 with four months to go. You could add 11 more if you counted those who went with us from other churches. We have 2 more trips and at least 6 persons planning to go before year-end.

    Did you know that our Community Center in Kwadick, South Africa, is being used as a model for ministry in S. Africa by Oceans of Mercy? The kids that we sponsor in the school there won the soccer tournament for that region. We have a team of 5 going there next month.

    Did you know we have a team of women in Hydrobad, India, at this moment to lead 3 women's conferences? There is another team of men and women going in Feb. for an eyewitness mission.

    Did you know we are partnering with the KC India Project to plant 580 churches in one of the most resistant places in the world over the next 5 years?

    Did you know that two teams recently returned from China where Creekers led a Soccer Clinic and taught English as a Second Language? There were breakthroughs there that I can't speak about publicly but I'd love to tell you privately if you ask. 

    Did you know that we serve 31 villages and 5,500 persons in our partnership in Peru? We've sent more to Peru (12) than any other country this year.

    There is a lot more to the global live out story. You can Click Here to learn more and discover how you can participate in completing the mission of Jesus.

  • Easter Live Out Offering

    This is the message I shared with our two campuses concerning our Easter Live Out offering.

    We want to invest every dollar you give today outside of this room. This is the level of commitment we have to let the whole world would know the truth we just celebrated. We are going to invest it in others. Sixty per-cent of the world doesn’t know the truth of real life in Jesus and we are convicted to share the truth that's changed our lives.

    I offer this invitation to participate not as an obligation. If you are our guest we hope to inspire you to discover what we’ve discovered, the words of Jesus are true, It is more blessed to give than to receive. We want to live our lives in such a way that what we do with them outlasts us.

    Inside of your worship folder is an insert titled Live Out. (Live_Out_Easter_offering_flyer.pdf) There you can see pictures of a couple of our partners and an example of the kind of reach we have as a congregation. You’ll also find a couple of stories. The stories you see are replicated in each of our global partners. You’ll see we have partnerships with our local schools, in our city and globally in China, India, Peru and South Africa. If you would like to know you can go to the web address listed and view the detail.

    Before I pray for today’s offering and those who give, I’d like those who are going to serve overseas in a cross cultural partnership this year to stand. One of our goals this year as a church is to SEND 75 Creekers overseas to engage with our global partners in relationship. This will not only help our partners with resources but create opportunities for deeper knowledge and relationship. We believe when they return here it will have a catalytic effect on our own sense of ownership in fulfilling our mission. Our vision is that if 10% or so would go this year and every year for the next five years we want the other 90% to SEND. If you don’t go you can SEND, you can also pray, serve, and give.

    So if you are going or are even seriously in the process of deciding would you please stand. When I pray for God to bless our offering and those who give, I also want to pray for you. And ask I pray would you also look around you and pick out someone who is going and pray for them with me.

    Thank You Jesus that you not only died on the cross you rose from the grave to give us victory. We claim that victory today. We also want the whole world to know. So we pray for Your blessing to be on everyone who is SENDing. Bless those who go, those who send, those who serve, and those who pray and those who give. Bless the giver and the gift. In Jesus name we pray, and everyone said, Amen.

  • Heading to China today

    Today Kirk Kaiser and I head to China with Project Partner. I'm excited to see our friends and the latest projects. I love Hong Kong and it doesn't hurt that we get to spend a couple of days there. We are also going to some new places I've never been. These trips are always so meaningful and strategic. Please keep us in your prayers. We return on Monday, Nov 12. God bless you. Gary
  • Day 26 Yes


    Day 26

    All of God’s promises have been fulfilled in Christ with a resounding “Yes!” And through Christ our “Amen” (which means ‘Yes’) ascends to God for his glory. 2 Corinthians 1:20 NLT

    You are going to be asked to go to China and India and when you are, you are to say, “Yes.” Those were the words I heard in my head as I walked out of a conference center after speaking to a group of pastors in Monterrey, Mexico. It was both confusing and exciting to hear!

    Where did that thought come from? God? I didn’t even know anyone planning trips to Asia. If those thoughts came from God there must be some adventure coming my way, I thought. It all felt rather surreal. Was I imagining it? Less than a minute later, I walked into a conversation with Donna Thomas, the Founder and the President of Project Partner. The first words she spoke to me were in the form of a question. She asked me directly, Will you go to China and India with me?

    Without any hesitation I answered her, Yes! Shocked, she responded, No one ever says, ‘Yes,’ the first time I ask them!

    Well, if they had experienced what I had just experienced they would say, ‘Yes,’ too. I replied.

    I told her the back story. She was ecstatic! I was in a daze. What had just happened? In the next few years, I did go to India twice and then to China multiple times. Years later, Donna asked me to lead Project Partner, an international ministry, now focused on China. I found someone else who would say yes and that was Kristen Levitt who became the Director of Project Partner.

    Here’s the point of the story, Dare to say ‘Yes’ when God asks you to go.

    I know there is an appropriate process in decision making, and I don’t want to undermine that, but make your default response, Yes, instead of No. Unless you have a negative prompting in your spirit lead with a Yes. You may never know what adventures with the Holy Spirit you will miss if you close the door before you ever begin.

    What has God asked you to do that you need to respond to with a ‘Yes’? Where has He asked you to go? If you haven’t already had an experience like this will you say, ‘Yes’, when He does call?

    Gary Kendall

    Week 6, SENT, Day 1 Devo 26

  • Love Makes a Way

    This is real love--not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to us to take away our sins. Dear friends, since God loved us that much, we surely ought to love one another. 1 John 4:10, 11.

    Last April I went to China on a medical mission with Project Partner. I was blown away by the love I saw expressed from our team to a community that comprised an under resourced rural village.

    It was stunning to me that most of the 41 persons on our team were medical professionals who used their personal vacation time and paid their own way to serve the poor for a week. Their servant’s heart and their loving attitude created a sacrifice I’ll never forget.

    I’d love to tell many stories in detail but since space is limited please imagine with me the richer context behind these snapshots. The head of staff for an Emergency Room in a large hospital in a wealthy city brought five of his team with him. We made home visits on winding roads in driving rain to diagnose, treat and pray for elderly and infants that couldn’t travel for treatment--and did it with joy. We visited homes where the conditions were deplorable. At times we didn’t have electricity or running water. Often tears would well up in our eyes when we realized that there was little we could do with the best medical treatment there was to offer. So we prayed. And when we prayed the joy and sincere peaceful gratitude expressed by the Christians we served was overwhelming. I’m crying now as I write, remembering that they gave more to us in a lesson of faith than we gave to them in material help.

    Nurses and lab techs gave their time to visit the local grade school to teach personal hygiene and AIDs awareness. They spoke frankly and with honesty that was motivated by a biblical worldview. It was impossible to miss that they truly cared. They played games with the children, taught them songs and loved on them. Amazingly, the administrators gave them the opportunity to share their personal faith. Given the opportunity they shared God’s love and boldly told the story of Jesus in a country where the gospel is usually not allowed in the public school.

    Dentists, doctors, nurses, emergency responders and some regular non-medical people like me gave routine physicals to over 700 students. They even found a job I could do. I held a clip board on the top of children’s heads so we could check their height. A poignant scene revolved around what happened one day when we checked the eyesight of a young girl. As it became apparent that she could hardly see anything other than the giant E at the top of the chart one of the team members began to cry. His tears brought tears to others on the team. It wasn’t routine, even to a professional, that here was a child of God with a severe disability.

    I was so profoundly affected by that week that when I returned I changed my Password on my email to “loveoneanother.”

    Lord, Thank you for these times were heaven touches earth and earth becomes more like heaven.