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Donna Thomas Pioneer

Donna Thomas Pioneer

One of the greatest privileges of my life is to meet Donna Thomas, Co-Founder of Project Partner, over twenty years ago. There is no doubt she has influenced me more than I know. I took my first trip with Project Partner to India about the same time she wrote this. She was way ahead of her time as a pioneer in Missional Living. That trip radically changed my life. It was pivotal in who I am today. I could list all the ways but that would be another blog for a different day. Today I want you you to hear thoughts she wrote 21 years ago and think with me how fresh they are today. She wrote this about Project Partner and we seek to live up to it today. She's in her eighties now. We communicate regularly. Just last week I wrote to thank her again for her influence in my life. I told her Donna, when I grow up I want to be like you. I thank God for the day our paths crossed.


God has always had a people. In the beginning God - created. He wanted fellowship so He created mankind. Mankind sinned and lost that great fellowship with God. So God has a mission. He became a “sending” God. He chose first individuals, then families, then a nation, and now a world. God always has a people - they are the church, they are the Kingdom, they are the body of Christ. We at Project Partner are a part of the Kingdom. We have caught the vision. We see our purpose, our destiny - we are to help extend the Kingdom, deliver the message of Jesus Christ around the world.

We have a destiny. We have been chosen. We are anointed. Luke 4:18. “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” The Lord has ANOINTED us! Our job is to preach good news to the poor. The “poor” are spiritually poor. This is evangelism, to proclaim freedom - ministry of deliverance from Satan’s bondage. It is recovery of sight - the ministry of healing - spiritual healing. It is release for the oppressed - which is a matter of justice that meets social needs. We proclaim - we preach Grace. We are anointed by the Lord.

We must be AGGRESSIVE:

We cannot wait for things to happen, but must make them happen. Take the initiative. Be on the cutting edge. We are warriors for the Kingdom so we can never take things one day at a time, but we must be aggressive in extending the Kingdom.

We are to be ACTIVE: 

Work while it is day. Be about our Father’s business.

We are VITAL:

We exist to be a manifestation of life; be full of life and full of vigor.


Be sensitive to what is around us. See and seize opportunities for the Kingdom.


We have been given the Keys to the Kingdom, we are to use them correctly, to open doors, not to keep them in our pocket.


We must be trust worthy. Work together with no factions, divisions, personal agendas. There is a “oneness”, a unity, a bond stronger that anything. We can allow for diversity without division.


“Vision is to people as gravity is to things.” We know where we are going. We have a purpose statement and we have a vision statement.


We know what to do next and why. We are committed to bringing the resources together that God lays in our hands and using them for our vision.


We know what to do next and why. We are committed to bringing the resources together that God lays in our hands and using them for our vision.


We take ownership that what we are doing in Kingdom building is the most important thing in the world and it has been given to us. We own this vision. It is ours to accomplish with the Lord. We will not be intimidated.


We are purposed to the vision. We will spend time in prayer alone with God to hear from Him. To know His mind and to listen to Him. We want to know what God wants and act on His will and direction. We will be obedient. (Isaiah 1:19)

We are BLEST:

We are chosen by God to have a place in His eternal plan and purpose and to be anointed by Him to extend the Kingdom of God in our generation. What does it feel like to be chosen, anointed, selected, set apart? It is a joy to have this particular place in God’s great plans for mankind. We are His, to do as He wants. It is our desire, our purpose to listen to Him, follow His vision, fulfill His plans for us, and be an instrument in building His Kingdom.

This puts us in company with Moses, Isaiah, Amos, Peter, Paul, Martin Luther, Moody, and today’s Billy Graham. It is not our purpose for notoriety. It is our purpose to be obedient to our Heavenly Vision, our mandate, and to please our Lord and God.

Donna S Thomas, 1992

(I adapted this slightly to fit a blog format even then I know it runs everything together)

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