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Don't Let them Cry Alone

Don't Let them Cry Alone

I get the privilege of time up close to Bill Hybels a couple of times a year as a host pastor to the Global Leadership Summit and I always come away impressed with his passion for the local church. This year I was gripped by his ability to zero in on the pain of his good friend Gary Schwammlein and the devestating thought that came with it that no one should cry alone.

I'll flesh out the story for you. Gary has a granddaughter that fought for her life for nearly a year and then eventually died. Bill and the WCA team were pulling with them and praying with them all the way. When Gary received the news he was in Hong Kong traveling to promote the Global Leadership Summit. He happened to be in a church service later in HK when he simply broke down and couldn't stop crying. 

When Bill heard the news it was like something went "tilt" in his brain, he said with some of the most passion I've ever seen from him, "No one should ever have to cry alone in church." That led to some ideas I'll share some time in the future but what I want to share now is the deep appreciation that I have for the ability of Bill to feel with his brother. We need that passion--all of us do.

There is a lot of pain around us and at times we can become numb. The enormity of the problem can obscure the truth that we can make a difference in one. I was impressed that with all that Bill Hybels has going on in his life he had the compassion to become infuriated at the thought that his friend was crying alone. Good for him. That tells me that his heart is at peace enough with his own inner life that he has room to cry for a friend.

I wonder if that isn't the secret. We have to deal with our own stuff enough that there is space for others or when we hear the cry we don't have the emotional capacity for someone else's pain. Bill's response rocked me in part because I realize that sometimes I am so caught up in my own issues that I don't have the compassion I want and need for others. I've been repenting before God.

I need to trust my stuff to God and let Him handle it so thoroughly that I have plenty of capacity for others. If I'm not feeling for others then I'm not there yet. It has been interesting to me that simply in acknowledging this it has freed up room and my feelings have come back to the surface. 

If these thoughts don't disturb you why not? Do you feel anything now? I pray you will.



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