Living SENT Stories

  • Rebecca Everett Loving God

    Rebecca Everett shares her story of Living SENT. She focuses on what she's learned as she's grown to really love God. It is a relationship that is real and vital. She invites you to expand who God can be in your life. 

  • Belinda Kendall Living SENT

    Belinda Kendall shares her story of Living SENT. She was invited to go to India eleven years ago. At the time she had no idea that the invitation would come to lead teams of women to do training for the India Gospel League. Answering the call has required sacrifice and 10+ trips to India. Listen as she tells why she goes and what it costs to live SENT.

  • Terry Geenens Live Out

    Terry Geenens tells the story of leaving her position as the Director of KidzAlive! to start an LEP, a Life Enrichment Program with Countryside Elementary School. At the LEP they mentor under resourced children, teach character skills and the arts. Many volunteers serve with her. Terry is living SENT. 

  • Chelsea Harvey Love People

    Chelsea Harvey tells a great story illustrating the importance of having community in your life. At we talk about "love God and love people" she says and here is why. 

  • DeAnna Murguia Love God

    DeAnna Murguia is living SENT. Listen as she shares her story of Loving God. She calls it "living a life of worship." This is where being a flight attendant, wife, Mom and worship leader at church meet.

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