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More than You can See

More than You can See

Here is an excerpt from tomorrow's message at Indian Creek Olathe Campus. It is week 2 of the Miracles series. I took out the illustrations--you'll have to get those in person. :) But this gives you an idea. The best part you'll have to hear in person. Please pray for my voice. I'm excited and passionate about the message but I've fought a cold all week and my voice is coming and going. I'm believing God will allow me to share this tomorrow. Speaking of miracles...

Today's Big Idea is Your miracle accomplishes more than you imagine in the beginning. Ultimately it is designed to bring you into deeper relationship with Jesus and to teach you to live for His glory.

Today's lesson comes from the story of The blind man sent to wash in the pool of Siloam. You can find the story in John 9:1-15.

The desire of the blind man was clear and simple. The response was anything but that. The blind man didn't ask for mud. He didn't ask for a tough assignment to travel to a pool he couldn't see. He didn't ask for the kind of attention this miracle would draw for a person used to being in the margins of life.

The path to answered prayer often takes us to places we didn't expect.

God is at work to accomplish more than we know at the beginning of any prayer we pray. The blind got mud on his face and directions to do something he'd done many times before without the desired result. No doubt this was confusing and humiliating. Why should he trust Jesus wasn't just playing w him. He didn't have a
previous relationship to draw on.

Isn't this often the way answers unfold for us? We ask for one thing and we seem led to do something that we don't understand at the time. Often there is a part that seems a bit odd or out of place. Many times it is humbling.

What do we do?

Exercise trust. Obey. Realize God is up to more than you know. Walk in the light you do have even if you do not see the whole way to your destination. As you obey there is a progressive revelation.

Let's review what we said last week, when we come humbly and obediently before God we can be certain of divine activity. We don't always know how it will unfold. Sometimes God heals immediately. Other times it is gradual. Sometimes God heals in a divine way. Other times He uses doctors, medicine and counselors. Sometimes it seems like mercy and grace win the day quickly and there is little we can or should do. Other times there is a gigantic struggle where we wonder if God is even in it with us. It may seem that it is all up to you.

We are often focused on the destination. We want what we want. God is often more concerned a out the journey and what it will accomplish in us. We are usually focused on the here and now while He is focused on that which is eternal. Many times we delay the answer or make it harder than it needs to be because we create a power struggle w God over how and when He should work. Our pride gets in the way. If we are not careful we can harden our heart if we don't get what we want.  

The tempter will always be there to whisper in our ear, "This is humiliating; how do you know this will help; why should you trust; it's not going to change--this is a wasted effort. You can't ever get it right. He probably doesn't hear YOUR prayers or he is trying to punish you."

This battle of the mind is the battle for faith. You have to win this battle for how you think and what you believe to experience God's best. It is in this battle that God reveals truth and reveals who He is. More to come on Sunday

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