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My ways are not your ways

My ways are not your ways

As a Pastor I hear certain verses used over and over, and at times, out of context. One such verse is Isaiah 55:8, For my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are my ways your ways declares the LORD. This verse is commonly used to support the fact that it is hard to understand why God does what He does--so we should just accept it. While it is true that God is sovereign and we can trust Him that is not at all what this verse is about in context. The truth of this verse is one of the greatest statements of the scripture and for the most part we miss what the Spirit really meant because we don't read the rest of the chapter.

Take a moment and go to Isaiah 55. Read the whole chapter slowly and let it sink in. Then go to verse 8. In the context the scripture is talking about God's grace. It goes so far beyond man's natural bent that it is higher than the heavens are above the earth. This is HUGE encouragement and we miss the point! It is man's way to keep score, to hold grudges, to compare, to be jealous, to justify, and on and on... It is God's way to offer his love to the thirsty unconditionally, to invite us into covenant, to act in mercy, to provide blessing, and on and on... Read it again. The point of the chapter is that God loves us because it is His nature to love. His love is not based on who we are--that is what is not like our ways!

Don't miss out on the amazing grace that flows through nature of God! Celebrate it! And spread the word!

Gary Kendall

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