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I’ve been noodling lately

Do you ever noodle? I’ve been noodling a lot lately and no it is not because I love Chinese food although Asian food may well be my favorite. You won’t find this in Webster’s but when I think about something over and over I call that “noodling.”

I’ve been noodling on the potential of reaching a particular point where everything changes. Sometimes people in business use the term “tipping point” but I want to lean into the same concept with a different illustration to share what I think could happen for us at Indian Creek this coming year.

Imagine with me that you are warming water on the stove. First it bubbles and then rolls. Then it boils and at the boiling point steam is released. A transformation has taken place. The parts of matter are the same but different (noodle on that). It is still H2O but what was a liquid became a gas.

What would it take to bring transformation to those of us who attend Indian Creek? The catalyst for transitioning H2O from liquid to gas is heat. You might be thinking I’m going to ask how do we turn up the heat at the Creek? I don’t think that is the answer. Heat is simply the catalyst—water is created by God for this transformation. 212 degrees is where that change takes place (at sea level).

So what is your 212 degrees?

My noodling leads me to believe that the result we are looking for is complete trust and reliance on God learned through personal experience.

The catalyst is allowing ourselves to be stretched beyond our comfort zone. Change happens in us when we allow God to lead us into a place where we have to completely depend on Him. When we are outside of our ability to provide for our own needs everything changes and we allow God to take over. When we accept our inadequacy in our own strength and humbly rely on Him with total trust we experience the power of the Holy Spirit working through us. That’s when heaven touches earth and the kingdom of God is alive in us. This is the secret to success in the life of a Christ follower.

Imagine with me what it would be like for every Creeker to be transformed—changed into a Holy Spirit filled and led Christ follower! Imagine the personal peace and joy! Noodle on how that would affect families, marriages, friendships and the communities in which we participate. Wow! The impact would be far reaching! It would reach around the corner and touch every part of our world. In truth the ripple effect would start local but go global in this interconnected world in which we live.

Will you let God stretch you outside your comfort zone? Will you trust and obey? What will be your catalyst?

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