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The last few days I've come up against several situations where people allowed something to keep them from their best.  I wrestled with why and came up with three robbers that steal our motivation and undercut our ability to live out at the highest level.  The next time you feel stuck see if one of these three things is a problem.

Fear  We are often told in scripture, "Do not be afraid."  We are told that because there IS something to be afraid of but we are not to let fear keep us from faith.  I think fear is at the root of many decisions not to move forward.  I wonder how many times we sabotage our best efforts because the reality is we are afraid of something.  What is it you are afraid of?  What if you weren't afraid, how would you act differently?  Does fear or faith drive your decisions and actions?  Pray for and act with the courage of Christ and you will take new territory.

Pain   All of us have pain in our lives.  We have a reflex within that triggers a self-preservation response.  It makes us flinch when we think we are going to get hurt again.  Life is full of triggers.  They are everywhere and although we may have legitimate pain we cannot let it dominate our present and future.  Invite Christ to heal the pain and you can become strongest in the places where you were once wounded.  If you don't admit or address your wounds they will keep you from finding the life you want.

Pride  This is the hardest one to recognize because pride keeps you from recognizing pride.  Embrace humility.  Moses was great in the sight of God (Numbers 12) because he was humble.  Humility wants to learn, grow and stretch.  Pride feels the need to manipulate, intimidate, stonewall and power-up.  All of those things destroy relationships and would give you only temporary gain at best.  Humility is essential to move forward with the favor of God and man.  Daily pray for the attitude of Christ (Philippians 2).  Be teachable and a lifelong learner.  You won't have to fight for position or influence.  If you take this posture God will protect you, fight for you and ensure your needs are met.  Additionally He will lift you up and establish you.

If you are like me it is easy to identify when the robbers are at work in the lives of others.  Look in the mirror and ask the Holy Spirit to give you discernment about the positions you take.  If you feel yourself stuck check to see if fear, pain or pride is keeping you from God's best.  Invite God to lead you where He wants you to go.

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