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Created to Live SENT Spiritual Growth Initiative 

Imagine a church full of people on a journey to find their way back to God and growing to be like Christ. I call that living SENT. Jesus said, "As the Father sent me, so I send you." It is on-purpose missional living. It becomes a church without walls! 

The problem is that living SENT often feels backwards if we are accustomed to living for self first. The book backwards describes a lifestyle that wins the tug of war between living for self or living SENT.

Growing to be like Christ isn't complicated. At Indian Creek Community Church we've developed an easy to remember way to describe the outcomes. We love God. We love people and we live out the love of Jesus. This is living SENT.

You could launch a movement of people living SENT through a six week message series titled, "Created to Live SENT."

Created to Live SENT

Align your Sunday messages with a groups launch and start new groups so everyone has a group for this six week series. There is a companion study guide complete with DVD group introductions so even the first-time group leader is equipped. Create owners by having the congregation buy their book and track along with the free devotionals. Add a Celebration Sunday with baptisms and a Serving project and the result will be a congregation that is learning to live SENT

Use the book, backwards as a text $12.99

backwards: Created to Live SENT

Everyone in the congregation needs their own book to read throughout the series. It goes along with the Sunday messages, the group lessons and the daily devotions.

Groups Study Guide $9.99 

The Groups Guide gives a biblical basis for the lesson to go along with the discussion questions. There is also a testimony highlighted in the book to inspire the group to implement the goals for each of the six weeks. The Group's Guide tracks along with the backwards book and provides the leader with specific questions for each weekly discussion. It gives step by step directions to how to use the DVD and guide to maximize the group time.

Groups DVD Introductions with group leader training sessions from Life Together $9.99

The DVD is crucial for the group experience. It contains an introduction to each of the six sessions taught by the author Gary Kendall. There is a personal story by a group member that illustrates the truth of the session lived out. And there is a Leader Lifter taught by Brett Eastman, Founder and President of Life Together. The Leadership Lifters are extremely helpful in training new group leaders to facilitate a group.

6 Sunday messages Included in Leader's guide

  1. Backwards—Discover purpose, win the tug of war between living for self or living SENT 
  2. Helping People find their way back to God--begin the journey 
  3. Love God 
  4. Love People 
  5. Live Out 
  6. Live SENT (live for a purpose greater than self) 

Follow the links to download the electronic version. The electronic version is FREE! 

30 days of devotions FREE

Theses are both written and recorded on media. They are 2 min long and prepared to be used M-F for six weeks. 

  • Follow the link to the written version
  • Follow the link to the media version

(this is under construction, ETA Oct 1)

Leader's Guide $79.99

This 215 page guide assists the church leadership team in offering the spiritual growth initiative to their congregation. It describes how to blend the individual pieces to strengthen the experience for the participants. There are directions for how to launch groups that are aligned with the Sunday services. You have a couple Options for using the daily devotionals. There is a companion guide for those that attend groups. It has a DVD with introductions for the individual group sessions. There are ideas for how to host a Celebration Sunday where there are baptisms to which people invite their friends. And it has instructions for putting together a serve day to complete the spiritual growth initiative.

BONUS Train the Trainer coaching from LifeTogether on how to start, grow and multiply leaders and groups. This is in a train the trainer format.

Coaching and Consulting Circle $300

Lead Pastors and Small Group Pastors find the support you need in six one hour sessions with the author and support from LifeTogether, the leading Group resource in America. Gain valuable options on how to get the most out of your spiritual growth initiative. Learn from others in a peer to peer relationship. Share the gains and the challenges find answers and support. Make the most of your investment in this spiritual growth initiative.

Coaching Tip

There are four times in a year where a spiritual growth initiative is most readily received. The start of a New Year, leading up to Easter as a Lent series. Post Easter as a follow up discipleship series and in the fall after the start of a new school year. Start training your team six weeks ahead. Purchase products four weeks ahead. Recruit for groups three weeks ahead. Aim for 100% participation in a group during the six weeks of the series.

Support is provided by the Living SENT team.

Here are potential messages you may want to use with the Created to Live SENT series. Feel free to tweak them, make them better, simply read them or write your own messages. Ideally this would be a six week Sunday message series with the small groups of the church tracking along using the study guides.